Lorenz Baumer – Process


– Remodel an existing piece of Jewellery in 3D and an according environement


– Stones color depth and reflection
– Creating a outer-space like feeling
– Creating a 3D typography

To picture the stones accordingly to what they should look like and magnify the feeling, I used two solutions :
– the glass texture emits its own light using an angle view blending parameter
– invisible to camera lights hang above the paved arms of the piece.

I decided to emphazised on the nothingness feeling of space and its more  »tangible » color : black, using the Jewellery itself to provoke the environement.
The result is a Black Hole like visual, with the piece at its core.
A trumpet shape object, textured black chrome, captures the lights and colors in a circular and anamorphic way.

Neons fitted perfectly to define the bases of a typography, confronting angular and curvatured shapes.
Overall, it adds another level of contrast, pushing the colorfull exentricity of the jeweller’s creation.