Project  » ALONE IN THE DARK « 



– Reworking the 1992 anthology game  » Alone in Dark  » ( that has been destroyed over and over again )
– Keeping the original feeling dictated by low polygonal objects and characters and unpopulated prepainted environnements ( may analyse those in a thread ).
– Reworking the story as is and devellop character psychology and Derceto Manor’s influence, as a neutral catalyst, on the different actors.


– Mixing tools and technics in a orchestrated way
– Project time and focus
– Characters design, animation and contextualisation. Never done it.
– Connect the 3 games ?


– Staying close to Lovecraft, but not that much. He was a backstory, not the story.
– Don’t taking it too seriously, having fun
– Overambitous ? I loooove it.